We are a family owned business located in Central Kentucky. We provide sustainable and custom built tiny homes for everyone! Our motto is "Freedom Begins Here" and here at Beckley Tiny Homes, we believe in helping people achieve freedom. Whether that is freedom from debt, the ability to travel, or choosing a sustainable life, we are here to help you!

All of our tiny homes are certified through Bildsworth International so you can have the confidence and peace of mind. This ensures that all tiny homes are built to code and meet RVIA certified compliance requirements. 

Common questions about certification through Bildsworth are answered through this link. 


Common Questions May Include:

What is Certification? 

Why get Certification?

Who recognizes Certification? 

Who can get Certification?

Insurance Facts

Do we Offer Financing?

We do not directly finance, however we would like to help you find financing. Please contact us for further details on how to finance your new tiny home. 

You can’t insure a tiny house with a standard home insurance policy, but there are a number of other coverage options available to you depending on how you use the home.

Is tiny house insurance required?

Types of tiny house insurance

How much does tiny house insurance cost?

Questions can be answered through this link: